What’s Next for Responsive WebDesign?

Today, your smartphones’ small screens are in vogue; and the latest trend indicates that web designing is fast adapting to cater for mobile users’ needs. With mobile taking over the desktop, we know that Responsive Web Design (RWD) will play a critical role in the future. And here are some RWD trends that will help you clarify your expectations.

Expect More Personalized Visuals

Tailored illustrations that match your brand’s character can help offer your business its own individuality. This is what most businesses are striving for and uniquely styled illustrations with personality help this happen. With a distinctive set of icons and imagery in combination with delightful animations, businesses will finally appeal to a specific audience. Responsive design designers now focus on creating vivid illustrations that are more appealing to mobile sites viewers.

A Single Experience Across All Devices

This principle does not apply to all web applications, but it should apply to yourbusinessname.com as an app. This means that you no longer need to have separate versions of websites – for mobile and desktop devices – enhancing your viewer’s experience. Websites that offer the best user experience go beyond a responsive design – they go a step further by enforcing a consistent experience across all screen widths and platforms.

Easy-to-Use User Interfaces

Pre-designed themes that come with the responsive web design approach have had an impact on how websites function and look. Many more UX and UI patterns are now emerging and they focus most on simplifying the functionality of websites as well as their feel and look. With many similarities between websites, it has become easier and simpler for users to interact with business websites. In future, we expect the number of complex features in a website to reduce drastically, and websites will offer users a simple UI approach that is set to improve UX.