Programming With Java

There are dozens of highly sought-after programming languages, but when you narrow down the parameters to which ones are the most profitable ones, and which ones are expanding their user base every year, Java is almost always among the top three programming languages, usually just behind Javascript. Although they share ‘Java’ in their names, Java is quite different from Javascript.

The Scope of Java’s Application

java logo pictureUnlike Javascript, which is a script-based programming language used for web page design, Java is an OOP – Object Oriented Programming language. Not to delve too deep into the object matter, OOP simply means that the programming language has a much larger creative power as you set out your objects and multitude of ways to manipulate them. This is what makes it possible to bring brand new ideas into life, be it the video games or utility apps on your smartphone.

Would A Java Programming Career Be Profitable?

Java is the cornerstone programming language of Android phones and tablets, and the Android market is gigantic, continually expanding every year. All apps you use on your Android smartphone were made in Java, so it is safe to say that it is practically impossible to be unemployed when you are skilled in Java programming. Even better, you can sell or monetize your own apps, instead of working under a firm.

Java’s Future Is Bright

Some programming languages become obsolete over time, but in the case of Java, this is far from true. The need for Java programmers is seemingly endless, and it seems that this need will never be satiated by the market. And when something is not satiated on the free market the cost of it rises, which is fantastic news for you as you can easily earn a six-figure income every year.