Brand Awareness

What makes your brand stand out? Lets people remember it and ultimately buy or use it? The answer is one of those simple ones that come full of complexity and nuance. To be brand aware, means you have to have an impact on potential customers that positively affects their purchasing. The way to do that is where the complexity comes in.

Brand Management Today

brand awareness pictureDeveloping a good relationship with clients and customers, facilitating trust on the product or service you are offering, is a significant focus of brand management. In today’s culture, brand management is about building awareness, the credibility of the brand. In some cases, this means that you must hand out stuff for free to get the attention from potential customers. One industry that has experienced this is the online gambling industry. In this business, it is common that gaming operator hand up to 30 free spins where no deposit is required. This is done in order to entice customers to register accounts and then hopefully become depositing customers.

Analysis and planning need to be adaptive to the changing perceptions of customers and marketing methods, like social media. It is not just how it looks, is packed or the price anymore, intangible elements also being added to the equation.

Types Of Products

One time it was clear what the product was, something purchased to be used, worn or displayed. Our culture has evolved beyond that. With both tangible and intangible elements. Products are tangible; the brand can consist of a variety of products but with a connecting feature, like a car manufacturer. Services or individuals are intangible, be full of variables; who does what for whom and how it is perceived?

The Way Forward

With the onset of social media, the facility for negative and positive feedback is higher than ever before. Marketing strategies have to embrace the changing environment. While still primarily about capturing and retain customers using the viral platform of social media brings its own potentials and challenges, one that offers the ongoing potential for commercial use.