Native App Development

As the App industry has been developing over the years, one of the key issues that have come up is that customer experiences play a huge part in their success. If an app fails for the first time, it will be challenging to convince customers to use it again. It is thus of great importance to avoid mistakes. This is highly important for all service apps including taxi apps, food apps and online gambling apps. If lets say the odds bonuses where to stop working, you can bet the customers will leave.

Native Development In Android

android appsNative applications are those apps that have been developed to run on a particular device or platform. A native app can take use device-specific hardware and software hence can take advantage of the latest technology available. For example, they can use the GPS, list of contacts, camera and more. Native apps can also work offline and can make use of the device’s notifications system. Also hugely incorporated are icons.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps that look like apps are in a real sense, not apps. However, they are written in HTML and run by a browser and can appear anywhere on the home screen. They also have features such as GPS and tap to call feature. The notifications and running in the background, however, are not accessible. It is also possible to access data while offline due to the data catching.

The Final Words

Native applications are those apps that have been developed to run on a particular device or platform. A native app can take use device-specific hardware and software hence can take advantage of the latest technology available. Mobile Web Apps are written in HTML and run by a browser and can appear anywhere on the home screen. They also have features such as GPS and tap to call feature.

Web Design Tips

Designing a website goes beyond just possessing the required technical skills. As such, you need to keep yourself abreast with all the latest web design trends, tips, and tricks.

If you’re a maverick, who wants to walk on your path, at least have a clue of the latest web design tips so that you can satisfy the needs of your clients.

Some Do’s And Don’ts Of Web Design

In web design there a few important things you should do if you want to design web pages which are actionable, optimised and convertible. First, your site’s navigation must make it easy for the user to understand what your website is all about. Secondly, keep it simple but also ensure that the background and graphics capture the entire focus of the user. Lastly, provide high-quality content that will keep the user coming back to read more.

The Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

It’s one thing to make a functional, appealing and engaging website design, and quite another to have a website which is easy to find.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have a multitude of websites in their system, hence the need to optimise your website to increase its visibility with these engines.

The more visible your website is, the greater the chances of marketing your business successfully.

Website Design Tips: Conclusion

Just like fashion, website design is constantly changing with newer trends coming and going. Customer needs keep on changing as well, hence the requirement to design websites that will satisfy their tastes. Also, remember that designing appealing, actionable and convertible websites doesn’t end there. You must also ensure that your website is visible to users on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. As such, search engine optimisation with the help of experts will help you achieve this.

Outsourcing Web Development

Outsourcing business plays a major role in the way modern web development gets accomplished. A lot of the time, the sites that you browse and enjoy were designed around the world, for the actual business the site promotes. This practice allows businesses to save money while accessing knowledge bases which have developed over time.

Where Do You Outsource A Web Designer?

The most interesting part of outsourcing is its role in the modern corporate system. Many times, a marketing company will sell a web development service to a company, and then outsource most of the work to a third party. This has many development pros and cons. While the final result may be as good as any site, the concern is often the ability to deliver a high-quality final product on time.

Who Should You Choose As Your Web Designer?

Finding an outsource service for web design is pretty easy these days. A quick Google search will bring up some sites which market Human Resources to Project Managers, and vice versa. On these sites, the Project Manager lists a cost and deadline, on which web developers bid. Some Project Managers go directly to larger outsource companies for cost savings and more comprehensive services. The pros and cons here are always in the cost and deadline required.

What Next After Outsourcing?

This text showcases the popular strategy of using outsourcing services for web development projects. It goes on to list the pros and cons of outsourcing services, which include the process of finding the right Human Resources, defining the cost, meeting the deadlines, and delivering a high-quality product. In that, it is notable that service quality may vary greatly, defining the major risk of outsourcing.


What’s Next for Responsive WebDesign?

Today, your smartphones’ small screens are in vogue; and the latest trend indicates that web designing is fast adapting to cater for mobile users’ needs. With mobile taking over the desktop, we know that Responsive Web Design (RWD) will play a critical role in the future. And here are some RWD trends that will help you clarify your expectations.

Expect More Personalized Visuals

Tailored illustrations that match your brand’s character can help offer your business its own individuality. This is what most businesses are striving for and uniquely styled illustrations with personality help this happen. With a distinctive set of icons and imagery in combination with delightful animations, businesses will finally appeal to a specific audience. Responsive design designers now focus on creating vivid illustrations that are more appealing to mobile sites viewers.

A Single Experience Across All Devices

This principle does not apply to all web applications, but it should apply to as an app. This means that you no longer need to have separate versions of websites – for mobile and desktop devices – enhancing your viewer’s experience. Websites that offer the best user experience go beyond a responsive design – they go a step further by enforcing a consistent experience across all screen widths and platforms.

Easy-to-Use User Interfaces

Pre-designed themes that come with the responsive web design approach have had an impact on how websites function and look. Many more UX and UI patterns are now emerging and they focus most on simplifying the functionality of websites as well as their feel and look. With many similarities between websites, it has become easier and simpler for users to interact with business websites. In future, we expect the number of complex features in a website to reduce drastically, and websites will offer users a simple UI approach that is set to improve UX.

Online casino sites

Something that is very hot right now is to build affiliate websites where we every week get multiple requests to develop and design websites suitable for customers within gambling online where online casino is what is most popular.

affiliation picThe affiliate sites are a bit different from the sites we design to gaming operators as the purpose for such sites are to promote casino brands and take commission by doing that. Such commission can be divided into CPA deals and Revenue share deals where the first one is short for cost per acquisition where the affiliate gets paid a fixed amount per customer they share. Revenue share on the other hand means that the affiliate and gaming operator split the future revenues of the customer.

The site we design for these purposes are quite simple in its nature where the site is an example of such a site. Simply, the purpose for the site is to inform the player, making sure he or she ends up playing at the best casino or just finding information about different casino games.

XL Webdesign

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